Welcome on the Mass Prod' website !

The association was created in 1996 with the punk band MASS MURDERERS in Rennes in Britanny (north west of France). They played in 10 European countries till 2000 when they splitted. The label was already opened to various bands and styles of punk music.

Since 2005, our office is into the Jardin Moderne, a good place for musicians in Rennes.

Our bigger activity is the label but since 2003 we organise more events concerts and tours.

We work regularly with 20 bands from our area and internationals, but every year we open to new bands.

We organise 5 events and festivals every year and some smaller concerts in bars.

Two persons are working constantly since 1998.

Because we love punk-rock, say fuck off to religions, racism, riches and pretentious.





The RECORDS section presents the records out on Mass Prod', with link to listen 1 song, link to see the band's page and link to the band's own website.

The CONCERTS page is the most updated (nearly each week) , it is a page for french gigs.

The BANDS section, presents the bands who released one or several records on the label.

The SHOP section is full of records CD and vinyls, clothes, buttons..., payment possible with cards or bank transfer.

The PHOTOS page is souvenirs from gigs

The PAST GIGS: mass prod past concerts.

The LINKS page propose a large choice of good sites speaking about rock, websites from different countries.

BREIZH DISORDER means Disorder in Britanny: it is our mission for the local scene, organise the compilation and festivals for the local punk/hardcore/metal bands.

Enjoy the surf !

e-mail address: massprod@massprod.com